Still Here Now

An event celebrating the design integrity, resilience, and the beauty of the Volvo 240.

Still Here Now changes the narrative of the perceived obsolescence of the Volvo 240 – by showcasing the car as an example of a tangible and intentional lasting design that challenges the norm of planned obsolescence in the our modern age.

Changing the narrative is accomplished by branding physical and digital collateral that highlight the design integrity of the Volvo 240 – and by using visual language that create space for the viewer to find deeper meaning.


To physically campaign the event, printed collateral was distributed to Volvo dealers and mechanics around town.

Love letters were given to Volvo 240 owners in hand or on windshield as an invitation to the event with a call to action to RSVP on the Still Here Now website.

The website continued the narrative of the event, and the RSVP also doubled as a way to gather peoples stories about their Volvo 240. Asking attributes of their cars – mileage, year, inheritance, number of owners, car name, and what teachings the car has brought.

Here are their stories.

The narrative continues further on social media with animations that highlight the cause.

The event was held in a cold and bright afternoon on March 8th, 2020 in the Grant High School parking lot.

Doughnuts, fizzy water, and bumperstickers were free to all who attended.

Prize ribbons were handed out for various categories – Most Mileage, Least Mileage, Best Bumpersticker Collection, Most Travelled, etc...

Friends were made, and Volvo 240s were cherished as people filtered through the event.

Coloring sheets and crayons were provided, too.

More stories were collected from the guests throughout the event.

Next steps for Still Here Now is to continue to collect stories from owners, and to eventually host more events. 

More love letters will be purveyed.