Rebellious Rebrand

Client: Rebellious PR & Consulting

Industry: Public Relations, Marketing

Deliverables: Logo, color system, type system, copy, ︎︎︎website, pitch decks, branded internal docs & more.

Team mates & friends:
Kai Alegre
Copy Support John James, Ashley Dingle

Rebellious is a female founded, owned, and led full service public relations agency based out of Portland and Los Angeles.

Their focus is on working with other small business owners and founders who are industry disruptors.

We started the project with conversations around the core values that are built the foundation of the company, who Rebellious would like to continue to attract as clients, and what services they would like to showcase.

It was important for the brand to embrace the unique qualities of the company founders and clients, and to reinforce to their clients that Rebellious is stable and strong in an unpredictable time for many business owners.

We were ready to push the envelope.

Our biggest challenge was to stay outside, and unique to the public relations industry, while not looking unrecognizable as a professional service

So we started with a logo that says
“You’re cool, you can sit with us.”

With the target audience being Gen Xers and Older Millennial business owners who are industry disruptors in their services, products, and approach towards business.

The color palette takes tones found on the patinated vinyl records that shaped the founders and the clients uniqueness and identity.

A visual clue that says “Come as you are”.

Selected colors:

With the new growth of the company moving towards providing different services beyond public relations to their clients, the new service illustrations show the varied abundance of the offerings to clients using abstraction to push the viewer’s imagination.

While holding true to the inspiration from music iconography, using collaged duo-toned compilations.
Polaroids. Instant gratification. Instant fun. Instant nostalgia.

Bring to mind that Rebellious loves to do things with love, care, fun, and cherished memories – and a little bit differently.

The Rebellious polaroids capture the two main locations of the team, as well as the team members themselves.

Thanks to photoshop, the team looks like we all work together, and not over our computers and video calls.

Headers use the unique, and beautiful Migra Extrabold.

While paragraphs use the ready-to-lay-out-the-facts PP Object Sans to keep things clear and professional.
The type system was a balance between the bold, and the straightforward.
Headers use the unique, and beautiful Migra Extra
While paragraphs use the ready-to-lay-out-the-facts PP Object Sans to keep things clear a

︎︎︎Vibe check

︎︎︎︎︎︎Pitch deck for Brand Design