Client: Me, Friends

Objective: No screens

Deliverables: Quilts, pillows, etc...

When I am away from the screen and keyboards I love to create quilts. I use quilting and sewing as an opportunity to express my love of color and patterns. It is also a chance to embrace mistakes and flaws and turn them into something beautiful.
Much of my quilting and sewing is improv. This means I go in with no pattern in mind, and I create as I go — seeing what emerges as the process unfolds.

Improv Quilt No. 1

Improv quilt made with new and vintage fabric that reminds me of the people I love and the places I’ve been. 
50” x 50”

Sou’wester Artist in Residence

I spent a week as an Artist in Residence at Sou’Wester Historic Lodge in Seaview, WA. With heaps of fabric and my trusty sewing machine I made and created improv quilt pieces, including a pillow that I left behind as a token of my affection.

Baby Quilt for Poppy

A commissioned quilt piece, inspired by the groovy rabbit fabric that is on the back of the quilt.