︎Born and raised in Portland, Cailin is a city kid raised by nature. ︎ A lover of science, nature, technology, and art – inspired when these come together to make great things happen. ︎ Observant, curious, and thoughtful. Whose imagination is endless and never puts limits on possibilities. ︎ Likes to connect ideas and people and strives to make the world a fun and friendly place.︎A once Fine Arts Major in a love affair for the combination of our world with technology. ︎ Has been working at Trader Joe’s for 13 years.︎ Volunteered with OMSI, Oregon Food Bank, Rock N’ Roll Camp 4 Girls, Bitch Media & more...

︎Currently accepting freelance, internship & employment opportunities. 

︎Resumé is available upon request. 

In House Graphic Designer
︎︎︎Portland State School of Business

︎︎︎The Fab Lab w/ Crazy Aunt Lindsey

Webstore Manager
︎︎︎Modern Domestic

Drum Instructor
︎︎︎Rock N’ Roll Camp 4 Girls

Snowboard Instructor
︎︎︎Mogul Busters Ski School
B.S. Graphic Design
Portland State University June 2020

Customer Service
Adobe Suite
Project & Production Mgnt.
Sewing & Quilting
Hobby Ornithology